There is a bit of a mystery down-under. South Australia (SA) Health cannot find any listeria in other products at either Kyana Farms at Wingfield nor Conroy’s Smallgoods at Bowden.

Bulk meat that ended up in 100 gram pre-packaged IGA Deli roast beef slices and sold at South Australia supermarkets originated at Conways and was sold to Kyana, which supplied the markets.
Nevertheless, the Deli roast beef slices sold by the supermarkets, with a use-by date of June 24, 2009, were found to be contaminated with listeria and recalled on May 28th.

SA Health public health director Kevin Buckett told the newsite Adelaidenow that the two companies had co-operated fully during the investigation.  “We have found no evidence that the product is linked to any illnesses,” he said.  “However, anyone who has this product is advised not to consume it and to throw it out or to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.”

Kyana Farms will continue to suspend production until the company has completed a plan, which includes a review of the incident to identify the likely source of contamination.  Conroy’s complies with the nationally agreed listeria control program, according to an SA Health assessment.

Listeria infection can be deadly, especially  for the sick, elderly, newborns and pregnant women. More can be found on SA Health’s website here.