“Got Milk?” Better check to see if it is produced by Whittier Farms and is distributed to customers in the greater Worcester/Shrewsbury area. Brand names produced at Whittier Dairy include Whittier, Schultz, Balance Rock, Spring Brook and Maple. Consumers were warned by the Health Department not to drink any milk products from Whittier Farms in Shrewsbury after two people died from listeria bacteria contamination, the Department of Public Health announced. Four cases of listeriosis infection have been identified by DPH. The cases involved three elderly residents and a pregnant woman from Worcester County.

According to the Whittier Farms website, the farm:

…has taken a unique approach to farming as we milk the cow, haul the raw milk to our processing plant in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and then sell the processed milk at our milk store and at our processing plant. The whole process from cow to cup is two days, which means farm fresh milk to our satisfied and loyal customers.   We have revived the old method of bottling milk in glass bottles. The glass bottles keep the milk colder, which means the milk stays fresher, giving the milk a sweet and smooth taste. Our milk is also bottled in plastic and cardboard for those who prefer this convenience.

An udder catastrophe.