New tests have confirmed that food products from an Adelaide company
were contaminated with the same strain of listeria that contributed
to the death of a man at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.
Another person died in hospital in Gawler, while two women are
recovering from the illness.
Yesterday, products from Conroy’s Smallgoods Bowden factory were

Today the Health Minister John Hill confirmed that two products from
the company, ham steak and corned beef, tested positive for listeria.
“That’s the same listeria that was found on equipment in Conroy’s
plant. It’s also the same material that’s been found in the Royal
Adelaide Hospital,” he said.
It is still not known if it has the same molecular make-up as the
bacteria found in those who died.
The CSIRO’s Food Science Australia has been appointed to carry out an
audit of the way the Health Department handled the outbreak and the
way the Royal Adelaide Hospital supplies food to its patients.
Conroy’s Smallgoods has now removed all its products, except bacon,
from sale.