All Flavors Included
RICHMOND, Calif. — A Bay Area ice cream company is telling stores to pull a wide range of its ice cream off the shelves because it may be contaminated with bacteria that cause listeria.
Richmond-based Lappert’s Ice Cream is recalling all flavors of its ice cream packaged in 8-ounce, pint, 1.5-gallon and 3-gallon containers because the ice cream may contain an organism associated with listeria.
Listeria bacteria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections. Young children, pregnant women, elderly people and others with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable.
The recalled ice cream was distributed to Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona and Illinois. The ice cream may have also have been distributed to other states by Lappert’s wholesale accounts.
All of the ice cream is labeled Lappert’s Ice Cream (plant number 06-6919). All lots of all flavors produced through Aug. 4 are being recalled. Lappert’s Ice Cream produced after Aug. 4 is not being recalled.