The F.D.A. came in and swabbed down Krisp-Pak’s packaging plant on Southampton Boulevard on Thursday, one day after a sample tested positive for a potentially dangerous bacteria.

The company is throwing out 400 pounds of fruit that may be contaminated with a bacteria called Listeria.

The F.D.A. swabbed the facility from top to bottom and watched how Krisp-Pak workers clean and cut food.

Every time you cut a piece of fruit, you open it up to infection. If you slice into an apple, the bacteria can go from your knife to inside the flesh. That can make people stick. The owner of Krisp-Pak does not believe that’ s what s happened in this case.

For the second time in two months, Paul Battaglia is trashing his produce and profit. F.D.A. Workers watched him dump about four carts full of fresh fruit.

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