December 29, 2005
ABC News Online
Adelaide smallgoods company Conroy’s will resume limited production today in a bid to reopen its doors after a food poisoning outbreak.
The company’s ready-to-eat meats were recalled about two weeks ago after traces of listeria were found in its factory.
The bacterial strain identified is the same as that found to have infected two patients in the Royal Adelaide Hospital, one of whom died.
Conroy’s managing director Pat Conroy says today’s test run will be boosted after new results from tests it commissioned.

“We’ve had some significant numbers of tests come back and they have all pointed that the fact that we are now listeria-free, both in product and production machinery,” he said.
South Australia Health Department spokesman Dr Kevin Buckett says while the test run is important, he remains frustrated that the company has failed to provide other critical information.
“What we need to know is specific issues addressed such as a risk assessment of the products,” he said.
“The results of tests that they’ve done so far, what management issues they’re going to address, to ensure that the food can be as safe as it can be in the future.”