windmillRECALLmushrooms2.jpgAnother day, another listeria recall.  Yesterday it was salad in Canada.  Today Canada’s version of the FDA, CFIA, has announced a recall of mushrooms under the brand name Windmill Farms, Compliments, and Longo’s.

According to the CFIA release:

The following sliced mushrooms, bearing the code WBB-MA 2011/DE/10, are affected by this alert:


Product Name



Windmill Farms

Triple Washed Sliced Mushrooms

227 g 8 oz

8 56243 00043 3

Windmill Farms

Triple Washed Sliced Mushrooms

454 g 16 oz

8 56243 00062 4


Sliced Mushrooms

227 g 8 oz

0 68820 10090 4


White Mushroom Sliced

227 g / 8 oz

7 72468 01001 2

These products have been distributed in Ontario.  There have been no reported illnesses associated with the consumption of these products.

According to The Packer “Garfield Balsom, a food safety and recall specialist with the CFIA, said Dec. 12 the agency received word of a positive test result Dec. 10.”  Balson was quoted as saying “One positive sample was found during a routine monitoring test.”