The Public Health Agency of Canada is now investigating whether an outbreak of listeriosis since June 17 that has made 17 people ill and killed one, mostly in the Ontario area, can be blamed on Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

And while they wait for those findings, Maple Leaf is recalling more of its packaged deli meats and temporarily closing the Toronto plant where they were made after some were found contaminated with listeria bacteria. 

Maple Leaf began its recall over the weekend.  (Canada Puts Warning Out On Listeria Tainted Roast Beef and Corned Beef)  It expanded the recall on Wednesday to include 23 products made since June 2 on the same production lines.   Included now is a turkey breast which is supplied to McDonald’s.

While closed, the plant  will clean equipment and review its food safety procedures.

Canada’s food safety agency sampled some Maple Leaf beef products and found the bacteria, but has not determined whether it is the same strain that caused the outbreak.

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