We are very fortunate.  When traveling in the Midwest, we have never been so hungry that we were forced to dine at a Circle K.   Since we know there are people out there who might not be as lucky as we are, we are passing this along.

Anyone who purchased one or more of the American Sub sandwiches sold "exclusively" by Circle K Convenience Stores in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania may want to check with their family physician or closest free clinic. That because lot number 21882, produced by Belleville, IL-based Landshire Inc. may be contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes.

The sandwich label identifies it as: "Fresh from the Deli" American Sub.  This is a pre-packaged, individually wrapped (clear plastic) with a black tray inside of package.  Sandwich weight is 9.75ounces (276grams).  UPC code is 9748800540.  The sandwiches involved have a lot number of 21882.  The lot number is printed in black ink on the side of the package.

Routine testing by Ohio turned up the problem.  While it is suppose to be a "recall," Sub sandwiches sold by C-stores are almost always consumed fairly quickly.   No illnesses have yet been reported.