super poor boy.jpgThe FDA has announced that Landshire Inc, of St. Louis, Missouri, has expanded its recall of sandwiches due to possible listeria contamination.   The original recall applied to the company’s “Nike” sandwich.   In addition to a new recall of the “Nike Super Poor Boy,” additional dates of production for the regular “Nike” sandwich have been recalled.  

In total, 17,305 cases of sandwiches have been recalled.  The FDA list of products subject to recall:

  • Landshire Nike All- American
  • Landshire Nike Super Poor Boy

Production lot codes affected by the recall are from 11 237 6 through 11 285 6.

The numbers from 237 through 285 represent “Julian” dates, meaning production through the 285th day of 2011.   If I am doing my math right, this means production into October is being recalled.  Add to this that listeria can have an incubation period of up to 70 days, and it is clear that there is a risk of that illnesses may yet be connected to the recalled product. 

Let’s hope not, we have had enough listeria related tragedy.