The state of New York is warning people to not consume unpasteurized raw milk from Churchtown Dairy due to possible contamination of Listeria Monocytogenes.

On Friday, the state Department of Agriculture & Markets notified the dairy farm that a presumptive positive detection for Listeria was made from a bottled milk sample pulled from the dairy’s cooler on July 22. Listeria Monocytogenes is a species of bacteria that can cause the infection Listeriosis.

No reported cases of the illness associated with the milk have been reported.

The state Department of Agriculture and Markets said that consumers who purchased raw milk from the Foundation for Ag Integrity Churchtown Dairy should immediately dispose of it and call 518-851-2042.

The dairy’s cheese and other products are still approved for sale by state Agriculture and Markets.

Churchtown Dairy manages a 28-cow biodynamic raw milk dairy herd on 250 acres, according to its website.

The state Department of Agriculture and Markets is reminding consumers that raw milk does not provide the protection of pasteurization, a process that kills bacteria responsible for numerous illnesses and diseases.