As of January 26, 2021, a total of 12 people infected with the outbreak strain of Listeria monocytogenes were reported from four states. A list of the states and the number of cases in each can be found on the Map of Reported Cases page.

Listeria samples from ill people were collected from August 6, 2020, to October 30, 2020. Ill people ranged in age from 40 to 89 years, with a median age of 81 years, and 83% were female. All 12 people were hospitalized, and one death was reported from Florida.

Epidemiologic evidence showed that deli meat was the likely source of this outbreak.

State and local public health officials interviewed ill people about the foods they ate in the month before they became ill. Of the 11 people interviewed, all reported eating Italian-style deli meats, such as salami, mortadella, and prosciutto. They reported purchasing prepackaged deli meats and meats sliced at deli counters at various locations.

USDA-FSIS and state officials reviewed records collected from stores where ill people purchased deli meats to find a common supplier of deli meats. They also tested deli meat products that ill people reported eating. However, they did not find a common supplier or a specific type of deli meat as the source of this outbreak.