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Efoodalert and the CDC update Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak Numbers

UPDATE – Here is a consolidated “State of the States” listing, which summarizes the outbreak status and the recall information for each state (thanks to efoodalert).

  • Alabama:- No cases.
  • Alaska:- No cases. None of the cantaloupes were shipped to Alaska.
  • Arizona:- No outbreak cases. One cases of Listeria that is unrelated to the outbreak.
  • Arkansas:- one case.
  • California:- One confirmed case. According to the California Department of Public Health, none of the recalled cantaloupes were distributed in California (FDA’s news releases include California in the distribution list).
  • Colorado:- Fifteen (15) confirmed cases; two deaths.
  • Connecticut:- No cases.
  • Delaware:- No cases.
  • Florida:- One case.
  • Georgia:- No cases.
  • Hawaii:- No cases. No recalled cantaloupes were shipped to Hawaii.
  • Idaho:- One case under investigation – a Jerome County woman in her 60s, who became ill in early September and was hospitalized but has recovered.
  • Illinois:- One confirmed case (female in her 80s from Cook County). No additional cases under investigation.
  • Indiana:- Two cases.
  • Iowa:- No cases.
  • Kansas:- Five (5) confirmed cases, including one death. Three more cases (including a second death) are still under investigation.
  • Kentucky:- No outbreak cases. Three unrelated cases in the state this year.
  • Louisiana:- No cases. No Jensen Farms cantaloupes were shipped to the state.
  • Maine:- No cases.
  • Maryland:- One apparently related case (patient died at the end of August). The victims was a resident of central Maryland, and had eaten cantaloupe. Traceback is continuing.
  • Massachusetts:- No cases.
  • Michigan:- No cases.
  • Minnesota:- No cases.
  • Mississippi:- No cases.
  • Missouri:- One confirmed case (94-year old individual); one death. One suspect case still under investigation, and three unrelated cases that are not associated with the cantaloupe outbreak. The immediate cause of death of the confirmed case patient was not a Listeria infection.
  • Montana:- One confirmed case in Yellowstone County. One case under investigation in Gallatin County.
  • Nebraska:- Six (6) confirmed cases; one death (a man in his 80s from the western part of the state. No additional cases under investigation. The six victims – all of them more than 75 years old – were residents of five different counties: Douglas (2), Gage, Hitchcock, Seward, and Cherry.
  • Nevada:- No cases.
  • New Hampshire:- No cases.
  • New Jersey:- No cases.
  • New Mexico:- Eleven confirmed cases (5 deaths). An additional three suspect cases were still under investigation as of September 23rd; one of those three people has died.
  • New York:- No cases.
  • North Carolina:- No cases.
  • North Dakota:- One confirmed case – a 60+ year old woman who was hospitalized in early September. The recalled cantaloupes were supplied to Walmart stores in North Dakota.
  • Ohio:- No cases.
  • Oklahoma:- Eleven (11) confirmed cases, including one death. Outbreak victims are residents of nine different counties: Oklahoma (3), Canadian, Choctaw, Cleveland, Custer, Kay, Love, McCurtain, and Payne. The first Oklahoma patient developed symptoms on August 30th; the most recent on September 15th. The youngest outbreak victim is 61 years old, and the eldest is 96. Nearly three-fourths of the case-patients are male.
  • Oregon:- No cases.
  • Pennsylvania:- No cases.
  • Rhode Island:- No cases.
  • South Carolina:- No cases.
  • South Dakota:- No cases.
  • Tennessee:- No cases.
  • Texas:- Fourteen (14) confirmed cases, including 2 deaths. The investigation continues, but no specific details are being provided on suspect cases.
  • Utah:- No cases.
  • Vermont:- No cases.
  • Virginia:- One case.
  • Washington State:- No cases.
  • West Virginia:- One case. The recalled cantaloupes were not sold in West Virginia.
  • Wisconsin:- Two (2) cases.
  • Wyoming:- One confirmed case (a male). Two suspect cases (both female), including one death. Illnesses were reported from Laramie and Sheridan counties. Onset dates of illnesses range from August 31st to September 15th.

As of September 29th, CDC and various states are reporting a total of 77 confirmed cases (up from CDC’s last report of 72), and 16 deaths.

Many consumers across the US have asked me whether any of the recalled cantaloupes were shipped to their state or carried by their local supermarket. FDA reports that the recalled cantaloupes were distributed to the following 25 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming. Contrary to previous reports, none of the cantaloupes were exported.